I am a husband, father, friend, colleague, author and entrepreneur amongst many other things. I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in the United States where I attended private schools before enrolling in the University of Arkansas.

My role as a husband and father is my first priority and biggest challenge. It is a role which has defined my understanding of how to compromise and constantly re-evaluate my priorities without falling behind at home or at the office. I am also blessed to have many very good and supportive friends and colleagues, who together with my family, I consider my biggest asset.

From my early years, I have been active in equestrian sports, particularly hunting and jumping. I also have been seen on the ski slopes in both the Alps and the Rocky Mountains. I very much enjoy hunting with my father and friends, primarily with bow and arrow, which I have shot since I was six. I play golf, but rather badly despite the fact that I do enjoy playing all 18 holes. I also enjoy tactical shooting, which from time to time I have the pleasure of doing with some roguish types, most of whom forgot more than I know about weaponry. I am proud to be a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and fully support our second amendment rights.

Unequivocally, I believe in right and wrong with the absence of a grey area when it comes to morality. I also feel that we have the obligation to lead by example as well as to be accountable for our actions.