My entrepreneurial skills began at the young age of twelve when my father explained to me that I could have anything in this world, providing I was willing to make the effort. He inspired my work ethic at age fourteen by offering to buy me half of anything I wanted with the caveat that I come up with the other half through honest work. By my eighteenth birthday, I had a small business caring for high end and rare cars on a weekly basis and bringing home more than Dad. I was further blessed to attract the attention of a dear friend and mentor who prepared me for the adventure that my life became and acquainted me with some of the world’s most interesting people so that I could establish myself both politically and economically in the realm of global business.

Today, my focus is on revolutionizing the way software is funded, developed, produced, published and marketed. I am dedicated through our company, Digital Capital, to maintain a team of top experts so that we continually remain on the cutting edge of the software industry by producing better than exceptional products. My goal is to do just that while maintaining integrity with the folks who come up with these great ideas by offering them a fair deal, which was inspired by the deal once made to me by my father.